Five Books to a Better Life

Remember those dreaded summer reading assignments during your school days? Like most kids my age for whatever reason, I despised the very thought of reading. Subsequently, I was the kid that would wait until August to even look at the assignment sheet for the summer reading project. This behavior continued until about my sophomore year […]

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How to Have the Best Day, Everyday

As a college student, I struggle with fitting everything into my day from homework, this blog, freelance work, personal obligations, and food. It gets very stressful to manage all of these tasks and I know you struggle with this too. After conversing with friends and family about how to have an amazing and productive day, […]

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Why, hello there internet!

Hello world and all who inhabit it. *Cue Spongebob reference*My name is Anthony Snively and I am currently a college student in my junior year studying Digital Marketing at Stevenson University in Owings Mills, Maryland. If you are a job recruiter looking for my resume and portfolio, please click here and here to be redirected to that page. […]

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