Why, hello there internet!

Hello world and all who inhabit it. *Cue Spongebob reference*My name is Anthony Snively and I am currently a college student in my junior year studying Digital Marketing at Stevenson University in Owings Mills, Maryland. If you are a job recruiter looking for my resume and portfolio, please click here and here to be redirected to that page. If you are not a job recruiter, let’s keep going. Job recruiters, you can come too.

Although I am new at this whole “blogging”thing, I do have a clear vision of what content I will be uploading to the vast world of the internet.

  • Professional goals
  • Self-Improvement content (vague term but I’ll hone it in once I have more content, think exercise, philosophy, reading, and writing)
  • Food recipes
  • Design strategies
  • Marketing strategies

Although I am using this as a digital resume of sorts and a way to hone my writing skills, I also have another purpose. I wish to share practical advice and knowledge to young adults so we can all keep learning and improving on this journey of life together. Let’s get to work.

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